Gateway Deletion Hold Webhook

If a gateway is deleted (e.g. during a downscaling event), remote clusters would continue to attempt to send traffic to the gateway IP address until they received an update that the gateway’s IP address was removed. This may cause 503 errors for HTTP traffic or 000 errors for passthrough cross cluster traffic.

Since TSB 1.6, you can delay gateway deletions by a configurable period to provide sufficient time for the gateway’s IP address removal to propagate across other clusters to avoid 503 or 000 errors. Currently this feature is disabled by default.

Enable Gateway Deletion Hold Webhook

In order to enable a gateway deletion hold webhook in your control plane, you will need to edit xcp component in ControlPlane CR or Helm values and add the following environment variables:

  1. ENABLE_GATEWAY_DELETE_HOLD with value set to true
  2. GATEWAY_DELETE_HOLD_SECONDS. This is optional with default is 10 seconds
            - name: ENABLE_GATEWAY_DELETE_HOLD
              value: "true"
              value: "20"

This will delay gateway deletions for 20 seconds while the deleted gateway IP is removed from remote clusters.