API Access Bindings

DEPRECATED: use Access Bindings instead.

APIAccessBindings is an assignment of roles to a set of users or teams to access API resources. The user or team information is obtained from an LDAP server that should have been configured as part of Service Bridge installation. Note that a APIAccessBinding can be created or modified only by users who have set_rbac permission on the API resource.

The following example assigns the api-admin role to users alice, bob, and members of the t1 team for the APIs openapi in the application app owned by the tenant mycompany. Use fully-qualified name (fqn) when specifying user and team

apiVersion: rbac.tsb.tetrate.io/v2
kind: APIAccessBindings
  organization: myorg
  tenant: mycompany
  application: app
  api: openapi
  - role: rbac/api-admin
    - user: organization/myorg/users/alice
    - user: organization/myorg/users/bob
    - team: organization/myorg/teams/t1


APIAccessBindings assigns permissions to users of APIs.

Field Description Validation Rule


List of tetrateio.api.tsb.rbac.v2.Binding
The list of allowed bindings configures the different access profiles that are allowed on the resource configured by the policy.